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2017年考研初试在12月24日月开考了。小编成在这里为各位考研党们整理了2017年考研初试英语二的真题及答案,以供各位试题参照。Section I Use of EnglishDirections:Read the following text。


Choose the best word (s) for each numbered blank and mark A, B, C or D on the ANSWER SHEET。(10 points)People have speculated for centuries about a future without work。Today is no different, with academics, writers, and activists once again 1 that technology be replacing human workers。Some imagine that the coming work-free world will be defined by 2。

A few wealthy people will own all the capital, and the masses will struggle in an impoverished wasteland。A different and not mutually exclusive 3 holds that the future will be a wasteland of a different sort, one 4 by purposelessness: Without jobs to give their lives 5 , people will simply become lazy and depressed。6 , today’s unemployed don’t seem to be having a great time。

One Gallup poll found that 20 percent of Americans who have been unemployed for at least a year report having depression, double the rate for 7 Americans。Also, some research suggests that the 8 for rising rates of mortality, mental-health problems, and addicting 9 poorly-educated middle-aged people is shortage of well-paid jobs。Perhaps this is why many 10 the agonizing dullness of a jobless future。


But it doesn’t 11 follow from findings like these that a world without work would be filled with unease。Such visions are based on the 12 of being unemployed in a society built on the concept of employment。In the 13 of work, a society designed with other ends in mind could 14 strikingly different circumstanced for the future of labor and leisure。Today, the 15 of work may be a bit overblown。

“Many jobs are boring, degrading, unhealthy, and a waste of human potential,” says John Danaher, a lecturer at the National University of Ireland in Galway。These days, because leisure time is relatively 16 for most workers, people use their free time to counterbalance the intellectual and emotional 17 of their jobs。“When I come home from a hard day’s work, I often feel 18 ,” Danaher says, adding, “In a world in which I don’t have to work, I might feel rather different”—perhaps different enough to throw himself 19 a hobby or a passion project with the intensity usually reserved for 20 matters。


1。[A] boasting [B] denying [C] warning [D] ensuring[答案][C] warning2。[A] inequality [B] instability [C] unreliability [D] uncertainty[答案][A] inequality3。

[A] policy [B]guideline [C] resolution [D] prediction[答案][D] prediction4。[A] characterized [B]divided [C] balanced [D]measured[答案][A] characterized5。[A] wisdom [B] meaning [C] glory [D] freedom[答案][B] meaning6。[A] Instead [B] Indeed [C] Thus [D] Nevertheless[答案][B] Indeed7。

[A] rich [B] urban [C]working [D] educated[答案][C] working8。[A] explanation [B] requirement [C] compensation [D] substitute[答案][A] explanation9。[A] under [B] beyond [C] alongside [D] among[答案][D] among10。[A] leave behind [B] make up [C] worry about [D] set aside[答案][C] worry about11。

[A] statistically [B] occasionally [C] necessarily [D] economically[答案][C] necessarily12。[A] chances [B] downsides [C] benefits [D] principles[答案][B] downsides13。

[A] absence [B] height [C] face [D] course[答案][A] absence14。[A] disturb [B] restore [C] exclude [D] yield[答案][D] yield15。[A] model [B] practice [C] virtue [D] hardship[答案][C] virtue16。

[A] tricky [B] lengthy [C] mysterious [D] scarce[答案][D] scarce17。[A] demands [B] standards [C] qualities [D] threats[答案][A] demands18。


[A] ignored [B] tired [C] confused [D] starved[答案][B] tired19。[A] off [B] against [C] behind [D] into[答案][D] into20。



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